Remove Tree Stumps And Plant Grass Seed Where They Once Were

28 September 2015
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If you purchased a home that has tree stumps scattered throughout the property that surrounds it, learn how to remove them with the following instructions. Plant grass seed in the areas where the stumps once were when you are finished and your yard will have a uniform and attractive appearance within several weeks.


  • power drill
  • stump remover granules
  • rubber gloves
  • temporary fencing
  • sign
  • hatchet or power saw
  • shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • topsoil
  • rake
  • grass seed
  • garden hose or sprinkler

Make Holes In The Stumps And Add Stump Remover Granules

Use a power drill to make several holes in the top the of each stump. Holes that are a few inches deep will allow you to add a sufficient amount of stump remover granules to each one. Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect yourself while you are adding the granules. The granules contain powerful chemicals that could harm your skin if it comes into contact with them. The chemicals will cause the stumps to rot after a few weeks. Place temporary fencing and a sign around each stump so that nobody comes into contact with the chemicals.

Test The Firmness Of The Stumps And Remove Them 

Use the end of a hatchet to test the firmness of the stumps. Press the hatchet against each one. If the stumps are soft and spongy, they are ready to be removed. Chop the stumps up into pieces with the hatchet. Place the pieces in a wheelbarrow as you are working. If there are a lot of roots near the ground's surface after you eliminate the stumps, use a hatchet or power saw to break them into smaller pieces. Use a large shovel to loosen the soil that is around the roots if you are having difficulty removing them from the ground.

After you have eliminated the stumps and roots, add topsoil to any parts of the ground that are uneven. Rake the ground when finished to assist with leveling the topsoil with the rest of the property. 

Plant Grass Seed And Water The Ground

Sprinkle grass seed onto the bare parts of the ground. Make sure that you are planting a variety that is the same as the rest of your yard. Water the ground with a garden hose or sprinkler. Check the conditions of the soil each day and add more water to it when it is dry. Within a few weeks, new blades of grass will be visible and you can enjoy the time that you spend outside on your beautiful lawn. 

To learn more about tree removal, contact a company like Dubois Tree & Land Management LLC.