3 Tips For Maintaining A Tick-Free Home After A Tick Control Service

29 September 2015
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It is a huge misconception that ticks can only be found in muddy and swampy areas. However, ticks are often found almost anywhere. You might come across them in your front yard, backyard, near a forest or in a pile of leaves. Therefore, it can be easy to be bitten by ticks if you aren't aware that they are there. Removing a tick from your body is simple, but getting rid of ticks from around your home can be a bit of a challenge. This is where a tick control service is helpful. Once a tick control company removes all of the ticks from around your home it is important to keep them from coming back. There are a few tips you can use for maintaining a tick-free home. 

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Ticks love to create and build a home in tall grassy areas. As a result, your front yard and backyard tend to be prime candidates for tick homes. One way to keep ticks at bay is by mowing your lawn regularly. Mowing your lawn every week will prevent your grass from growing higher than two inches at a time. Anything higher than this will only create a space where ticks can live and thrive. 

Rake and Dispose of Fallen Leaves

Raking leaves is not as necessary as shoveling snow so it is easy to put this task on the back burner. However, piles of leaves create the perfect bedding for ticks to live and survive. If you have a pile of leaves that have been sitting idle for a few weeks, then there is a high chance it is infested with ticks. Rake up any fallen leaves every few days and dispose of them immediately.

Keep out Any Wildlife

In most cases, ticks are introduced to your backyard because of wildlife. If you live in a more remote area, where deer are common, then there is a higher chance that you might come into contact with ticks. As a result, it is important to construct a fence to keep them out. In addition, your household pets can bring ticks inside of your home and into your backyard. Therefore, it is important to inspect your pets before they enter your home.

Ticks that are able to attach themselves to your body can give you Lyme disease. This disease creates a number of heart and brain problems that are difficult to overcome. Therefore, it is important to use these tips to make sure you keep ticks at bay until your next appointment with a tick control service (such as Greenwood Tree Experts).