Tips For Removing Juniper Tree Stumps In Your Yard

16 October 2015
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If you want to remove juniper tree stumps from your yard, then you will be happy to know there are some simple things that you can do to make the process a lot safer and easier.

Use these tips to remove your juniper tree stumps:

Cut the Root System and the Tap Root

If you are planning on pulling out a juniper stump using your truck or a rented backhoe, then you need to cut through all of the large roots that surround the base of the tree with an ax or a chainsaw. You also need to take care to dig under the tree stump and cut the tap root from the bottom with your chainsaw. The tap root is the main root sent out by juniper trees to acquire water from the water table below them. The tap root grows straight down from the tree, and it is often the largest root of a juniper tree.

You will not be able to safely pull the stump from the ground if you do not cut the strong tap root beforehand. Not cutting the tap root is a common cause of breaking parts of trucks trying to remove juniper stumps from the ground. The root is so strong it will sometimes cause your tow strap or chain to break and fly into your truck's windows.

The best thing you can use to cut the roots and the tap root is a chainsaw. Ensure that the blade on the saw is sharp and try to avoid running it into the dirt as much as you possibly can. The dirt will dull the blade and running a blade under the ground can cause rocks to fly out of the area when they come into contact with the saw's spinning blade.

Check With Your Utility Companies for Line Locations Before You Start

Finally, it is common for utility lines to run both under and near established trees. This can be a nightmare if you pull out a stump and kill your neighbors power or phone connection in the process! Before you start to remove the juniper stump, you need to contact the power and phone company in your area and have them come out and mark the location of their lines on your property. This is generally a free service because the utility companies would much rather work with you before you have the opportunity to damage their systems.

If you want to try to avoid as much errors as possible, consider hiring professional tree removal services, so visit websites like for more information.