Three Tips To Help You Make Your Own Lumber With Tree Removal Waste

19 October 2015
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If you want to make use of waste when you have a tree removed, making your own lumber can be a fun project. This material can be used for simple things like repairs and maintenance to your home, as well as for woodworking project. There are many ways that you can mill the large material, and make materials according to your needs and skill sets. Here are some ways that you can mill your tree removal timber into usable lumber:

1. Hewing Large Logs Into Square Timbers

If you want to have simple timbers to use for things like landscaping, you can hew logs into square dimensions. This can be done by cutting grooves into the log and cutting the pieces out to make a flat surface. Traditionally, hewing logs is something that has been done with an ax and adze. If you want to do the job quicker with modern tools, use a chainsaw to cut the grooves and an adze to hew the log. When you are done, this wood can be used for large timbers.

2. Using An Alaskan Chainsaw Mill To Cut Lumber

Another solution to mill the tree removal waste is an Alaskan chainsaw mill. This is a type of chainsaw attachment that mounts to the bar of the tool to help guide cutting lumber. There are plans available to make your own or you can buy an Alaskan chainsaw mill for any sided bar. This is a good solution for cutting rough-sawn lumber to store and dry to cut down later or when you need it for one of your projects.

3. Cutting Dry Lumber Into Common Dimensions With A Table Saw

When you hew or mill raw lumber, you will want to put it in a safe, dry place to cure. When it comes time to cut it down into usable dimensions, you can use a table saw to cut it down. If you have logs that are too big to cut with a table saw, cut them down with a chainsaw mill. If you work with wood a lot, you can also use a band saw that is large enough to handle larger dimensions to mill your logs.

If you are not sure what to do with the waste after having a tree removal done, consider making usable lumber with it. If you have a tree that is more than you can handle, contact a tree removal service such as Gene's Tree Service to have them take it down for you.