3 Ways To Deal With Stumps After Having Trees Removed From Your Property

21 October 2015
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Tree removal may be needed for many reasons, and when the trees are gone the stumps are often left behind. You may want to deal with the stumps in many different ways, such as burning them, letting them rot or having the stumps ground into the ground. Here are some ways that you can deal with the stumps on your property after having tree removal done:

1. Burning Stumps To The Ground With Other Tree Debris

One way to deal with dead tree stumps is to burn them. This is something that can be done with the other waste from the trees. You can cut the branches and leaves into small materials and pile them on the stump. Burn the waste and stump together. To make the stump burn better, drill holes in it. Do this to the top and at the bottom to allow air to circulate and the stump to burn.

2. Cutting The Stump Flush To The Ground And Adding Salt

Another way to deal with the stump is to help it rot away. You can do this by cutting the stump as close to the ground as possible and adding salt. Use a drill to make holes to put the salt in. This will eat away at the stump and cause it to rot faster. You will want to be careful to not use too much salt, because this can also kill plants near the stump.

3. Using A Tree Grinder To Get Rid Of The Stump

If you want to have a quick way to get rid of your stump, you can grind it. There are many tool rental services where you can get a grinder. You can also contact a tree service and talk with them about grinding the stumps if you have several of them to grind. There will be some debris left behind and as it rots away, you will have to deal with the holes. If the stump is in your lawn, wait a few months and remove the square of grass where the stump was and add a small mound of soil. This will eventually settle as the stump rots and compacts into the ground.

These are some solutions that you may want to consider to deal with old stumps. If you need help cleaning up, contact a tree service like Tree Landers and talk with them about doing the stump grinding to get rid of the remains of your trees.