Moving A Tree To Another Area Of Your Property

7 December 2015
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If you are planning on installing a swimming pool, shed, or another large structure on your property, and you have a tree in the area where you wish to build, you may want to consider relocating it to another portion of your yard. Smaller trees can be moved successfully if precautionary steps are taken to ensure it is handled in a way that will not cause it injury. Here are some steps to follow when relocating a small tree to a new spot on your land.

Wait Until The Time Is Right

The best time to move a tree is when it is in a dormant state. This is during the winter months. When a tree starts sprouting buds in the springtime, it is best to wait until the following winter to move it safely as it could go into shock, killing it as a result. Plan your move after frost has been present in your area. Wait until the weather warms up a bit so the ground can be dug without a lot of effort.

Prepare The New Resting Place

Look for an area where you want to relocate your tree. This should be away from power lines or structures. Make sure the spot you select has ample room for the roots. A clearing is a good spot for the tree as it will not be a hazard to anyone and it will be able to use the ground for itself without competition with other trees or plants for moisture. Dig a hole in this spot and fill it with water a day or two before you plan on moving the tree.

Remove The Tree From The Ground

Have a few friends available to help you with the removal and transport of the tree to its new spot. Dig around the base of the tree, using care not to destroy too many of the roots in the process. Large roots will need to be cut with an ax, however, so the tree will release its grip from the ground. Gently lay the tree down on the ground while tending to the root ball. If you are not planning on moving the tree into the new hole immediately, cover the roots with a piece of wet burlap so they do not dry out.

Introduce The Tree To Its New Home

Set the root ball into the hole of water you had prepared in the new site location. Replace the dirt around the perimeter of the tree and push it down with a shovel to tamp it into place. Stepping on the dirt may help compact it as well. Place mulch around the base of the tree to help the ground retain water in this area. This will help keep the tree moisturized as it gets used to its new surroundings.

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