2 Ways To Remove Tree Stumps With Minimal Effort

9 December 2015
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After a dead or dying tree is felled, an ugly stump is usually left behind. Removing this unsightly stump from your landscape not only improves your outdoor aesthetics but can also prevent suckering and fungal root rots. Calling in a professional tree service to remove offending stumps in your compound is a good option, but you may also attempt to remove the stump yourself. If you do choose to go at it yourself, here are two simple solutions that will help you get rid of that tree stump in your yard with minimal hassle.


Burning tree stumps out of the ground is an age-old removal technique that can help remove tree stumps with little effort. The main problem with this method is that it may be hard to facilitate a fire that actually makes a significant difference in eliminating the stump, since most of the remaining tree is set deep in the ground.

To solve this problem, consider applying chemicals on the stump to make it more porous and easier to burn out. Your local tree service can recommend a chemical agent that can do just that so as to ensure the stump gets enough oxygen to facilitate a fire. A low-oxygen burn can create a charcoaled material that may take longer to decompose and remove, so making the stump porous enough before the burn is essential.

Next, build a makeshift open stove out of a metal can and place it over one portion of the stump. This will concentrate fire on one area and prevent flames from spreading to nearby flammable structures or materials. You should then remove the charcoaled part of the stump after the burn and move the stove to another section. Although this method may require several fires, it is a really effective and easy way to whittle away at offending stumps.

Apply stump killers

Stump killers provide an easy removal alternative to forcefully yanking stumps out of the ground, which could be both labor-intensive and leave an unsightly hole in your property.

Chemical stump removal often involves the use of stump killers containing compounds such as glyphosate or triclopyr, chemicals that can make an offending stump decompose fast and disappear from your yard.

Stump killers are typically poured in holes drilled on the living edge of the stump. It is preferable to apply the chemicals when the stump is fresh and concentrate it in the outer ring just beneath the bark, as live tissue is needed for effective uptake. Finally, cover the stump with a plastic bag to keep off rain and give the stump a few days to decompose.

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