4 Winter Tree Care Tips

14 January 2016
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Make sure that your trees are ready for winter weather by following the tips below. Just like the rest of your house, you need to get your trees ready for winter weather as well.  

Determine If You Have Any Trees To Remove

The first thing you need to do is determine if you have any trees on your property that need to be removed. If you have any trees that are diseased and have not shown signs of improvement after you have treated them, or if you have any trees that are rotted out, now is the time to remove them. You don't want to have them come down on your house or vehicle during a winter storm.

If you have any trees that need to be removed, schedule to have someone come out and remove your tree. 

Prune Your Trees

If any of your trees have branches that hang over your house, garage or vehicle, you'll want to prune them before winter gets into full swing. Snow can accumulate on top of branches during the winter months; all of this weight can cause tree branches to snap and come off. 

In order to prevent these heavy branches from falling on your belongings, you should trim the branches back. 

You should also prune your branches back in order to allow your trees to grow more healthy come spring time. The best time to prune your trees is when they are dormant or inactive. In the winter, most of your trees are dormant, which makes it a great time to prune and trim back your trees. 

Mulch Your Trees

You should put mulch around the base of your trees. This will help hold in moisture and ensure that your trees get the right amount of moisture throughout the winter. Putting mulch around your trees is also a great way to make sure that they are getting the fertilizer that they need to stay healthy.

You'll want to pour mulch around your trees. However, don't put it right up against the trunk. Your tree needs a little bit of breathing room. 

Keep The Salt Away

As much as possible, you should try to keep salt and other ice-melting agents away from your trees. Excessive salt can cause damage to your trees, so try to keep it away from the base of your trees if at all possible.

Keep your trees healthy and safe this winter by implementing the four winter tree care tips above. If you need any help with any of these steps, contact a local tree service (such as Carlos Tree Service Inc) for assistance.