Planting New Trees? Here's How A Tree Specialist Can Help Ensure Long-Term Success

4 May 2018
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Planting new trees in the yard is a great way to improve curb appeal and make spending time outdoors more enjoyable. Working with a tree specialist to plant and care for your new trees will help ensure that your trees thrive as the coming years pass. Here is how you can expect a tree specialist to help you through the tree planting process and beyond.

Identify Ideal Locations

An experienced tree specialist will be able to help you choose ideal locations for your new trees that will help enhance the benefits the trees provide your household year-round. They'll identify which windows and doors will benefit most from tree coverage throughout the year, so energy efficiency is optimized indoors. By planting the right trees near the right windows, you can keep things cooler inside during the summer and warmer during the winter.

And your service provider will ensure that your new trees won't cause damage to your home when they become full grown by making sure they're planted far enough away. They can also help you create a privacy wall around your property's perimeter by choosing planting locations that will provide the most coverage depending on the shape, size, and trunk dimensions of the trees you will be planting.

Maintain Optimal Health

While your new trees will likely survive with little help from you, their health should be monitored to ensure that no small issues turn into serious ones. If a tree develops a disease that is allowed to fester, it can become weak and dangerous. Weak branches can easily break off when winds pick up, or even just from becoming too brittle – and those branches could hit a person or a pet that's lingering in the yard underneath. In extreme cases, a diseased tree can die and become an eyesore in your yard which requires spending money and time on extracting the dead tree and replacing it with a new one.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to spot a tree disease as it develops without expert insight. A tree specialist can provide your newly planted trees with ongoing care to ensure that they don't develop diseases or grow dangerous branches as time goes on. And if a disease is present, they'll catch it early so the tree can be saved and brought back to optimal health.

Contact your local tree specialist like Kaily's Tree today and schedule an appointment to plan your upcoming tree planting project and to create a long-term maintenance plan that will help keep your tree in good shape.