Things You Should Think About When Installing A Home Sprinkler System

1 August 2019
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If you have finally made the decision to install a sprinkler system on your property, you may be wondering about the installation process and what you need to consider. There are a few things that you will want to think about and discuss with your sprinkler installation technician before you go ahead with the installation. Here are a couple of the key questions that you should be asking.

What Kind Of Pipes Will Be Used?

Like home plumbing systems, lawn irrigation systems can be installed with a variety of different types of pipes. Make sure that you discuss your options with the installation technician and clarify which type of pipe will be used in your system. Keep in mind that pipes such as PVC will last the longest and give you the lowest risk of any kind of leaks or damage. Flexible pipes are the easiest to install and offer the most versatility for routing your sprinklers and the entire irrigation system. Make sure you know which one will be used and why so that you can understand the construction of the system.

Will You Receive Drawings Of The Pipe Routes?

When your sprinkler system is installed, you should also receive a drawing from the technician that details the route that the pipes have been run through. It should include markings for all of the sprinkler heads as well as any shut-off valves, controls, or other features. This information is essential should you need to dig in your yard or if you have a problem with the system, so make sure that you receive it.

What Type Of Sensors Will Be Installed?

If your irrigation system will be an automatic system that activates when your yard is dry, you need to understand what type of sensors the system will use. The sensors will play a key role in the performance of the irrigation system, and should they malfunction, you need to be able to address it. Talk with your installation technician about the options for sensors, and make sure that you fully understand how to take care of them so that you don't inadvertently cause premature sensor failure due to your own oversights.

These are a few important things to consider when you are having an irrigation system installed. Make sure that you talk with your technician and explore the entire sprinkler installation and system care process before you start the installation so that there are no surprises or issues.