Exploring Tree Removal Services For The First Time? Use These Tips To Enjoy The Best Possible Experience

26 July 2021
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Losing a favorite tree is a source of sadness for many families. Healthy trees with branches that offer shade from the sun, shelter from the wind or food in the form of nuts and fruit add limitless beauty, comfort and value to any home. But like any living thing, trees can suffer from the effects of age, the elements, and environmental influences that can cause them to become damaged or die.

Unlike smaller plants and bushes, the removal of a dead or dying tree is a major process that few homeowners have the tools and skills to handle on their own. Instead of attempting the potentially dangerous task of DIY tree removal, homeowners should take a safer course of action by hiring a reputable tree trimming service to handle the job. Homeowners who are hiring a tree removal service for the first time can use the following tips to enjoy the best possible experience. 

Ask for proof of insurance

Tree removal services expect homeowners to be cautious when making contact for the first time and are happy to provide proof that they have the proper insurance coverage for the work they are being asked to perform. In addition to a general liability insurance policy to ensure that any structural or property damage caused by the tree removal service's actions will be covered, tree removal services should also be able to provide proof that they carry adequate worker's compensation coverage to protect their workers if they become injured.

Discuss how the work will be accomplished

Homeowners will also want to discuss the methods, equipment and safety measures that will be used by the company to remove the tree. Some key questions to ask during this discussion include: 

  • Will employees be using safety harnesses and protective gear to help prevent injuries from falling or the use of chainsaws and other tools?
  • Does the service have a winch system to help ensure the tree falls in the desired location so that damage to structures and property in the area can be avoided as much as possible?
  • Is stump and debris removal included in the scope of the tree trimming project?

Homeowners who need to have a damaged or dying tree removed should contact a reputable tree removal service in their area to get answers to these and other important questions about the process and any potential issues they may face. Contact a company that offers tree removal services to learn more.