Tree Removal Before Or After A Storm? What You Should Know

30 August 2021
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Tree removal crews and general contractors are hard at work after every storm removing fallen trees. Many times, just pruning a damaged tree is the best course of action. But when is the best time to remove a tree? Before or after a storm? Or should it be removed at all? Here are the things to consider to help decide if you need tree removal services or not:

Tree Bracing Before a Storm

There are some trees and plants that are just more vulnerable to damage during storms. Therefore, they might need to be protected before a storm comes and causes damage. Bracing can be used to protect the vulnerable trees, which will provide support for the tree's weaker areas. If you are worried about trees being vulnerable to damage, discuss bracing options to deal with these hazards before having the weaker trees removed from your property.

Preparing Property Before a Storm

You also have to do some preparations before the storms hit your home. The proper preparation for storms will help prevent severe damage to your home. If you are doing other work due to storms that will be coming to your area, have the tree evaluated too. You want to look for problems with trees that are already weakened and vulnerable to damage that can cause hazards to property. Remove branches that are overgrown or dead trees that are at risk of being blown over during a storm. If there are densely wooded areas on your property, thin out the weak and vulnerable trees through removal.

Dealing With Storm-Related Tree Emergencies

You might not be able to prevent all problems. For instance, there might be issues that you need to deal with during a storm. These issues might be damage caused by a tree that has fallen on your home or damaged utilities. Sometimes, when there is an emergency during severe weather, you might need to call the tree service to deal with these immediate hazards.

Removing Hazardous Trees After a Storm Has Passed

After a storm has passed, there is more work that is must be done to prepare for hazards. If branches have fallen and trees have suffered damage, they are going to need some care to ensure the safety of your property. When the damage is severe and threatening your property, the best course of action is usually to remove the trees that are causing hazards.

Stay safe during dangerous weather and contact a tree service to evaluate the trees on your property and decide which ones need removal. A tree removal service can provide further information.