Avoid These Tree Trimming Mistakes By Hiring Pros

14 October 2021
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If you have old or unhealthy trees on your property, you will need tree trimming services sooner or later. Trimming is vital for the health of the trees and your landscape. For many people, tree trimming is as simple as having the right shears. However, trimming is more complex than snipping away branches. 

The best way to ensure a successful trimming is by engaging a professional tree trimming service. They will handle the task expertly while still preserving the integrity of your trees. More importantly, they will help you evade the following costly mistakes. 

They Will Not Top the Tree

Topping is one of the mistakes many people make when they handle trimming without professional help. Topping involves cutting off all the branches and letting them spout again. Unfortunately, doing this causes the tree more harm than good. That's because a good percentage of the twigs end up with decay and other irreversible damage. 

Secondly, when you top a tree, it grows back fast, which is the opposite of what you intended to achieve with the procedure. A professional will know how to trim the tree without topping it or triggering excessive growth.

Wrong Care for the Wrong Season

Trees have specific and seasonal needs at different times of the year. For example, it is advisable to prune some tree species at particular times of the year. When you prune a tree at the wrong time, you will stop it from blooming as it should. 

Furthermore, excessive pruning puts a lot of stress on the tree, leading to total deterioration and attacks by pests and diseases. The benefit of hiring a tree trimming expert is that they know all the unique needs of different tree species and hence will not ruin them with the wrong processes. 

Using the Wrong Tree Care Tools

To ensure a successful tree pruning process, you must use the right tools for the job. Using the wrong pruning supplies can damage your trees. For example, blunt shears create wounds that may take too long to heal. 

Similarly, a cut from a rough tool like a chainsaw might permanently damage the tree branch. Besides that, you should use the right climbing equipment to avoid injuring the bark and branches. 

You now have a better understanding of what tree pruning entails. To avoid the above mistakes, hire a reputable tree care service. Professional tree care gives you healthy trees and improves your property's curb appeal.