4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Stump Grinding

12 April 2022
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You can do away with a stump in either of four ways: grinding, chemical use, removing it manually, or holding back until it decays on its own. Therefore, you can remove or grind the stump yourself, but it is advisable to seek the guidance and services of an arborist. Here are four reasons why you should engage an arborist for professional stump grinding:

It Is Less Intrusive

A stump grinder will grind the stump only without affecting the surrounding area. Thus, it will only leave a hole in your lawn or yard that you can fill up with a mixture of sawdust and soil from the grinder. You can also use the remaining sawdust mixture as compost for your plants. If you do not want to use the waste material, the contractor may also dispose of it as part of your contract. The process doesn't require you to dig up anything from the ground. There will be no damage to your lawn because of heavy machinery. Further, you can lay out carpets around the stump's location to protect your yard. On the other hand, chemicals can kill other plants or animals around the stump, which you will want to preserve.

The Stump Would Take Too Long to Decompose

It usually takes about three to seven years for a stump to decompose fully. The duration depends on environmental factors and the stump's size. This duration can represent a long time for the stump to be a lawn mowing hindrance or tripping hazard and cause your lawn not to look the way you'd like. Conversely, it only takes about two or three hours to grind a stump entirely. Once done, your lawn will be as level as you want in less than half a day. You can then proceed with re-styling the landscape as you'd like.

Pests and Diseases May Infest the Stump

When there is an infestation, the disease can spread to the other plants on your lawn. Additionally, pests such as termites can even reach your home. Grinding the stump is an effective way of getting rid of these inconveniences.

The Stump May Be Close to a Structure

Stump grinding is also a good choice if the tree's roots have spread out or if the stump is near a septic tank. Some alternative removal methods will damage your home, which would heap on added expenses. 

The more you let a stump stick around, the more likely it is to become a problem for you. Reach out to the professionals to sort it out within a few hours. Grinding is a safe and effective way to remove stumps from the yard. You can consult an arborist to grind your stump and restore order.

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