Reasons To Consider Tree Pruning Before The Storms

10 May 2022
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Storms are a natural phenomenon that can cause significant damage when they hit a certain area. The winds have a high speed that can even uproot large trees and damage houses, so it's vital to prepare in advance to minimize the extent of the damage. One effective way to prepare is to seek tree pruning services. This post will share how pruning can protect trees against strong winds.

Enables the Tree to Remain Robust 

When you prune your trees strategically before the storms begin, you will give your trees a chance to improve their defense. The tree specialist will prune the trees strategically to make sure the tree becomes healthy, stronger, and more stable. This way, the trees will be in a better position to withstand the tough winds.

Besides becoming healthier and more robust, pruning trees before the storm sets in will give them adequate time to recuperate from the wounds. If you don't prune the trees earlier on, your trees might be more vulnerable and weak because they haven't replenished the energy sources that were depleted after pruning.

Eliminates the Unsafe Twigs

As your trees grow, some branches may become weak and even decay. These decaying branches usually hide in the foliage and are likely to fall when exposed to strong winds in your area. 

Pruning your trees in preparation for the storms will take care of the weak, dead, or unstable branches that are unstable and brittle and can cause significant damage to your structure or cause injuries. Ensure the pruning is done earlier to give the removed twigs, leaves, and debris a chance to clear away before the overwhelming winds hit.

Reveals Tree Issues You Might Not Know

Tree pruning also allows you to know the hidden issues you may have with your trees. This may include problems like tree stresses that may need bracing and cabling to stabilize the tree. If any of your trees have such an issue and it's not addressed before the devastating winds set in, it will be unstable and may be destroyed.

Pruning will also reveal if the tree is diseased or if a pest infestation is weakening the tree. Diseases and pest infestations weaken trees, increasing their likelihood of falling over during a bad storm. Luckily, your tree specialist can catch these issues in advance as they prune the trees and treat the disease or insect infestation. This will give the tree a greater chance of surviving the strong winds.

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