4 Reasons To Remove A Tree Next To Your Backyard Fence

27 June 2022
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Maintaining your property without having to remove features is ideal. However, you may notice that some landscape components do not work well together. An excellent example is a tree next to your backyard fence because this can cause various problems. Instead of removing the fence, you will want to hire professionals to remove the tree for optimal results.


When you own multiple pets, including cats and dogs, you may hesitate to let them outside on their own because of the tree. A tree next to your fence allows them to climb up the trunk and along one of the branches to escape the backyard and property. This can put them in harm's way because people, vehicles, wild animals, and other pets are outside.

An ideal solution is to remove the tree to prevent your pets from escaping. This is the only thing you need to do to prevent escaping when you know your pets cannot get over the fence.


Trees will inevitably produce debris, and you may feel comfortable cleaning it up in most situations. However, a tree near your fence can create debris in hard-to-clean areas. An excellent example is along the fence perimeter, where you may not be able to reach that easily.

Another concern is that the tree may hang over into your neighbor's backyard and create a lot of debris on their side. Removing the tree will reduce how much you and your neighbor will need to clean.


Trimming your trees is something you may need to do regularly. When trimming the tree next to your fence, you may notice that the branches get dangerously close. It may only take a little more growing and delayed trimming to start causing structural fence damage.

The tree can also cause harm to your fence through deep or shallow root growth. You can protect your fence and prevent it from severe damage by removing the tree.


Keeping a tree watered is essential for its health. However, you may notice that watering a tree close to the fence can lead to the fence getting damp or soaked. Depending on the fence type, you might notice damage and wear and tear from this persistent water exposure.

Watering the tree by hand is a possible solution. But you may not want to put time and effort into watering a single tree manually, making tree removal worthwhile as a permanent solution.

Remove a tree close to your backyard fence to enjoy all these benefits. Contact a tree removal service near you to learn more.