Stump Removal Tips You Shouldn't Overlook

17 August 2022
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If a tree gets infested by pests, acquires a disease, or is dead, you may opt to remove it to ensure the safety of the other trees in the grove. Unfortunately, most people only focus on removing branches and trunks but don't think of the stump. Letting the stump stay will not only be an eyesore but also increase safety risks. Stump removal makes the yard safer and more beautiful. If you intend to remove the stump, you should consider certain guidelines. This post will share common dos and don'ts you shouldn't ignore.

Do Schedule Stump Removal Soon 

Once you remove a tree, it's crucial to schedule stump removal as soon as possible because it can do more harm if left in the yard. For instance, stumps reduce the property's aesthetic appeal and can attract insects and pests, which could spread to other trees. This is a risk you cannot afford to take. Aside from that, the stump might promote the growth of new suckers. These suckers will take up nutrients that other plants should use. Again, scheduling removal soon averts such problems.

Don't Choose an Inappropriate Removal Technique

There are various stump removal techniques you can choose from. However, tree care experts do not recommend burning the stump because it causes pollution. This is particularly inappropriate if it's done in a residential area since the smoke is irritating and there is a risk of spreading fire. Keep in mind that even the underground roots can spread fire, leading to severe property damage. 

Chemical stump removal may be suitable if you don't mind waiting for a few months to get rid of the stump. The contents of the substance usually cause it to decompose. Working with a stump removal expert is advised since they help you identify the most appropriate technique, depending on your situation.

Do Hire Professionals to Remove the Stump

Although stump removal may seem simple, it requires specific skills and knowledge to get the job done. Without proper training and equipment, you could make things worse. Moreover, stump removal may be dangerous, so it's better to enlist the help of professionals that provide complete tree services. Working with an experienced tree removal company guarantees you safety and leaves your yard in excellent condition once the task is complete. 

The above tips will ensure that your stump removal project runs smoothly. But most importantly, don't overlook hiring a stump removal expert since they have all that is needed to carry out the task with utmost care and efficiency. 

Contact a local stump removal service to learn more.