Situations That Call For Tree Removal Services

4 April 2023
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Trees on your property are a great addition as they boost your home's curb appeal and provide shade in the hot weather. However, trees can also be a safety hazard if they grow in the wrong places or outgrow their purpose in your home. In such cases, you must remove the trees from your property.

Here's how tree removal experts can help you cut down or replant the trees in your home.

Remove Dead or Damaged Trees

A dead tree can be home to dangerous animals and insects such as snakes and bees. Bothersome mammals like raccoons and squirrels can also build homes in a dead tree. Furthermore, a dead tree on your property is a safety hazard because it can easily fall and damage your home or injure people when the branches fall off.

The best solution for a dead tree in your yard is to call tree removal services to chop down the tree and dig up the stump.

But how do you know a tree is dead?

Here are the common signs of a dead or dying tree:

  • The bark falls off
  • The tree doesn't flower even in rainy seasons
  • The stem and branches rot when exposed to moisture
  • Termites and other pests build their homes on the tree
  • Significant roof damage

If you notice these signs, call a tree removal expert to cut down the tree before it causes damage to your property.

The trees in your yard might also suffer significant damage after a storm and warrant their removal. For instance, if the tree breaks around the stem and the branches hang dangerously on your property, you should remove it. The tree might also damage your landscaping and strip your home of its appeal. In such a situation, call tree removal experts to handle the job.

Remove Trees Growing Too Close to Your Home or Near Electricity Supply Cables

Trees provide shade for your home but can be dangerous if they grow too close. The roots can affect your home's foundation and cause the pavement to crack. On the other hand, the branches and leaves can cause roof damage which is expensive to repair. Furthermore, water dripping from the tree can bring excess moisture to your exterior walls, leading to costly repairs.

During storms, tree branches can break and cause significant damage to your home. In extreme cases, the trees can fall and cause damage to your property and injure you and other people in your home.

Trees that grow too tall can touch electricity lines and pose a safety hazard to you, your family, and your neighbors.

In such instances, you'd have to cut down the trees for your safety and that of your neighbors. Call a tree removal company to remove the tree. The company can even help you replant the tree in a safer area.