Dead Tree Removal Services

18 July 2023
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You should consider hiring a tree specialist to inspect a tree that you suspect has died. The specialist will determine if it will be in your best interest to have the tree removed. If so, they will formulate a plan that supports the safe removal of the tree.

Safety Concerns

A tree's branches and trunk become brittle after a tree has died. When interior wood dries out, cracks often form. This could eventually lead to a tree toppling over without any warning. If a dead tree is located near a home or driveway, it could pose a threat to the property or to its owners.

Because there are many safety concerns associated with dead trees, a tree specialist will likely recommend that a dead tree is removed at the property owner's earliest convenience.

Inspection Procedures

A tree specialist will determine if a tree is dead. A specialist will use various visual and manual procedures during an inspection. If a tree is dying, it may be salvageable. A tree specialist will outline care techniques that will restore the health of a dying tree.

If a tree is dead, the specialist will determine which type of equipment will be needed to remove it. The location and size of a tree will influence the exact equipment that is needed. The location and size will also dictate how many people it will take to safely remove a tree.

Staging And Equipment

Staging the area around the tree will be conducted first. A tree specialist will use barricades to block the property that surrounds the tree.

If a tree is going to be too brittle for a tree removal team to climb, the specialist may recommend the use of a crane or a bucket truck. Equipment that is not tethered directly to the tree will minimize the risk of an injury during the removal of a tree.

If a tree has recently died and the wood has not dried out yet, the tree specialist may advise that standard rigging equipment is used to remove the tree.

Cleanup Processes

During the removal process, sawdust, wood scraps, and leaves will accumulate on property. A full service tree removal team will clean up the worksite. They will be responsible for cutting up the wood and loading it into a transport vehicle.

If a property owner would like to salvage some or all of the wood, the tree removal team can chop or chip the wood into small pieces that the customer can use for landscaping purposes. To learn more, contact a company like Lumber Jack & Jill LLC near you.