2 Ways To Remove Tree Stumps With Minimal Effort

9 December 2015
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After a dead or dying tree is felled, an ugly stump is usually left behind. Removing this unsightly stump from your landscape not only improves your outdoor aesthetics but can also prevent suckering and fungal root rots. Calling in a professional tree service to remove offending stumps in your compound is a good option, but you may also attempt to remove the stump yourself. If you do choose to go at it yourself, here are two simple solutions that will help you get rid of that tree stump in your yard with minimal hassle. Read More 

Moving A Tree To Another Area Of Your Property

7 December 2015
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If you are planning on installing a swimming pool, shed, or another large structure on your property, and you have a tree in the area where you wish to build, you may want to consider relocating it to another portion of your yard. Smaller trees can be moved successfully if precautionary steps are taken to ensure it is handled in a way that will not cause it injury. Here are some steps to follow when relocating a small tree to a new spot on your land. Read More 

3 Tree Diseases That Can Affect Sweet Cherry Trees – And How To Prevent Future Damage

25 November 2015
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Sweet cherry trees are large leafy trees that grow full of delicious red fruit during the warmer months. Whether you have a large traditional sweet cherry tree out in an orchard or a dwarf tree in a small garden box, the addition of this type of tree can bring you both visual appeal and a season of tasty eating. You need to conduct frequent maintenance on cherry trees to keep the leaves and fruit growing healthily while checking for any signs of impending tree diseases. Read More 

3 Ways To Deal With Stumps After Having Trees Removed From Your Property

21 October 2015
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Tree removal may be needed for many reasons, and when the trees are gone the stumps are often left behind. You may want to deal with the stumps in many different ways, such as burning them, letting them rot or having the stumps ground into the ground. Here are some ways that you can deal with the stumps on your property after having tree removal done: 1. Burning Stumps To The Ground With Other Tree Debris Read More 

Three Tips To Help You Make Your Own Lumber With Tree Removal Waste

19 October 2015
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If you want to make use of waste when you have a tree removed, making your own lumber can be a fun project. This material can be used for simple things like repairs and maintenance to your home, as well as for woodworking project. There are many ways that you can mill the large material, and make materials according to your needs and skill sets. Here are some ways that you can mill your tree removal timber into usable lumber: Read More