Four Useful Projects To Make Use Of Tree Removal Debris

12 August 2015
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If you have to have a tree removal done, the one problem that you may still have is the debris that is left behind. The debris can be a mess that is left in your yard, or you can choose to make use of it. There are many things that can be done with tree debris, such as using it for mulch, making landscaping timbers and cutting it into firewood. Here are some useful projects that you may want to consider to do with your tree removal debris:

1. Creating Lawn Paths By Chipping Debris Into Mulch

When you have a tree removed, the branches and small materials may make the biggest mess. These materials can also be the easiest to make use of. You can use a wood chipper to break the branches down into mulch and use it to create paths in your garden or through wooded areas. You can also use it for landscaping ground cover in areas like flowerbeds.

2. Using Logs As Landscaping Borders For Paths And Flowerbeds

If you have medium size logs, you can use them for borders on your paths or around flowerbeds. Before doing this, you will want to hew the log to remove the bark, which will prevent rot and allow you to add a sealant to the log. Use a wood sealant to seal the logs before using them in landscaping.  

3. Creating Seasoned Firewood By Splitting Large Log Sections

If you want to make use of the material from your tree removal, cutting it into firewood is another project that you can use. Cutting the material and splitting it this year will ensure that you have seasoned firewood for next year. This can be good if the tree you are removing is hardwood, but pine and evergreen material may not be the best for some firewood uses, such as in a fireplace in your home.

4. Using A Chainsaw To Mill Rough Sawed Lumber With Debris Materials

Another project that you may want to consider doing with the debris is cutting it into rough lumber. The large trunks can be cut down with a chainsaw to make rough lumber. There are mill attachments that you can use to cut the material down. You will want to stack it and let it dry to season like firewood, which will prevent cracking and checking when you go to work with the material.

The debris left over from your tree removal does not have to be an unsightly mess. Consider some of these projects to do with your tree debris. If you need help with the removal of a tree around your home, contact a tree service like Coryell Tree Service to take care of your tree.