Having A Tree Removed From Your Yard

10 October 2022
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There are many reasons why a person may need to have a tree removed from their property. Unfortunately, this can be a type of work that a person may make a number of assumptions about, and this could limit their ability to effectively oversee this particular project. 

Assumption: A Tree Will Always Be Cut Down In One Piece

A common belief that people have is that a tree will always be cut down in a single piece. This can be one of the quicker options for removing a tree, but it is not always the case. There can be times when the tree may have objects that are too close to it, and this could lead to it needing to be cut down in segments. This will greatly reduce the risk of debris falling on nearby structures.

Assumption: It Can Be A Safe And Effective Option To Allow The Stump To Decay

Some homeowners may not fully appreciate the fact that the stump for the tree may need to be removed. Some individuals will fail to realize that there are some complications that can arise if the stump is allowed to decompose on its own. For example, this could lead to a pest problem for the property as ants, termites, and other insects could use the decaying tree stump as a shelter. Additionally, the decaying stump may also create erosion issues as it deteriorates. By having the stump pulled out of the ground, these problems can be eliminated, but the homeowner will need to arrange for the hole that this leaves behind to be filled with loose soil.

Assumption: A Tree Removal Service Will Only Base Their Fees On The Height Of The Tree That Is Being Removed

Due to the need to pay a professional to remove a tree from the property, individuals can be extremely conscious of the fees that are involved with this work. However, individuals can fail to realize the numerous factors that will impact the fees that the tree removal service will require. For example, the tree removal service will have to consider the proximity of other structures, nearby powerlines, and other trees. In cases where the tree is close enough to these objects to cause damage to them, additional steps may be required to control the falling tree debris. An example of this could be using straps and a crane to guide the portions of the tree to the ground. This can greatly increase the control that the tree removal contractor will have, but it will also result in marginally higher costs for the client.

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